An Update!
September 11, 2020



Hello everyone!  I haven't posted in a very long time but this past year has been SO busy.  I've had some readers ask me if I'm okay and the answer is definitely yes! We moved to Arizona from Michigan and between getting our house ready to list, Covid, quarantine and actually selling, packing and moving I was pretty much preoccupied! But we finally made it out here and hopefully life can start getting back to normal.

There's still lots to do because we bought a new house and still have to move into it. I need to do a total kitchen renovation on this new house and hope to post about the process.  If you want to watch the renovation process, follow me on Instagram - I will be microblogging over there mostly instead of here.  

I am hoping to give cooking classes out here in Arizona like I did in Michigan - so if you are in the Scottsdale/Phoenix area, please shoot me your email to be on the mailing list for classes next year.  I usually give a pizza making class and a pasta making class. 



I know everyone did a lot of cooking during quarantine and maybe developed some new awesome kitchen skills (did you contribute to the national yeast shortage?) Maybe you are keeping those skills up and that's a great thing.

Hope you are making it through this challenging time and we can come out on the other side with some normalcy!


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